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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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Tobias Wistisen, the designer who reinvents jewels

Coming from the cold, his pieces marvel jewelry lovers. Tobias Wistisen quickly became one of the most famous and well renowned designers in the world. He imposes his own perception of what a ring, a necklace or a bracelet should be. Resolutely mixt, his universe is one of the most attractive.

The man who came from the cold

His career is the perfect balance between professional interactions and creative fiber. Born in Danmark, he studied at ESMOD fashion school, in Paris. He then joined the John Galliano team. The mix of the John Galiano’s rebel Haute Couture and Wistisen’s Scandinavian roots guided him toward his own taste and own definition of what an accessory is. His non-conformist approach to jewelry creates amazing shapes and textures.

Rough and destructed aesthetic

The brand’s allure surprises and really catches the eye. It is a beautiful journey from pure shapes to nonconformist and different textures.

The Viking design

The Nordic roots of the designer appear in his patterns and motifs. The wrist ornaments or the pendants recall this bygone era of rough strength. Tobias Wistisen symbolizes this strength with silver, black diamonds and minimalist designs.

Creating with noble materials

Tobias Wistisen enjoys giving a used and almost old aspect to his creations. On his silver rings or pendants, he creates fake abrasions and sets barely cut precious stones.

The strength of materials to create a rock’n’roll or biker style

The beauty of his creations is given, not only by shapes and forms, but also by the choice of materials. Worked in an unusual and rough way, his pieces have a biker or rock’n’roll touch.

Mixing gold and silver

Authenticity is what made Tobias Wistisen’s success. His unique combination of materials is barely used in the jewelry industry. The danish designer enjoys mixing gold and silver on the same piece, creating a surprising effect, as nature would do.

The precious stones’ ballet

Black and white diamonds are set on brass or silver rings. He creates lacy patterns and dreamlike figures with yellow, rose or white gold. His unconventional rings are set with silver beads imitating cut precious stones but also with true black or white diamonds. His minimalist, vintage, atypical designs challenge established codes and rules. Tobias Wistisen’s jewelry is for men and women with strong personalities.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Serge Muller)

Mad Lords couldn’t pass by Tobias Wistisen! His vision of jewelry perfectly matches ours.

Come visit us to discover our boutique and passionate staff.

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