Mad Stores

316 & 320 rue Saint-Honoré


We set up on rue St-Honoré to present the discoveries of our treasure hunts around the world. Once through the doors of our stores, it's up to you to discover the treasures you want to look for. We will be your guides there, without ever imposing a particular destination.

10 rue Gambetta


The meeting between Mad Lords and Saint-Tropez was made to take place, far from speed dating and ephemeral pop-ups, we settled there to learn the codes but above all not to respect the rules.

92 rue Eugène Colas


The proximity of the sea, the attraction of nature, the regular presence of cinema muses… implies certain strong choices. We respond to this under the leadership of Alisson with a choice of jewelry that is more elegant than sparkling, more authentic than avant-garde, more transmissible than ephemeral.

Paris – Saint-Tropez – Deauville

Piercing studios

In 18K Gold, paved with diamonds or precious stones, in the form of a ring or stud, we offer a wide range of designer piercings as well as the services of our team of piercers in our three studios Paris, Deauville and St-Tropez .