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February 01, 2021 2 min read

A woman of convictions

The Marla Aaron adventure started with combined obsessions with bridges, hardware and jewelry. However, Aaron’s personality was appreciated in the jewelry industry. Marla Aaron’s universe gathers pendants, necklaces, rings and of course locks.

Brave and passionate

Marla Aaron started working in the communication field for big companies in New York City, but she didn’t like what she was doing. Really curious and interested by jewelry but also hardware and bridges, she decided in 2013 to launch her own brand based on a surprising concept. Her jewelry pieces recall her passion for hardware and bridges. They immediately encounter a huge success in New York. Her designs are still inspired by Victorian or Georgian Jewelry aesthetics, but they are also by industry.

Her famous and very personal locks

Marla Aaron loves mixing industry with jewelry. The pendant locker she created became her iconic piece.

So many figures to mix

It is everywhere and perfectly matching the Marla Aaron brand’s identity. She reinvented classical lockers and changed them into a heart shaped locker or a star, a flash, a letter. Made of white, yellow or rose 14K gold, Or 18K gold, Platinum, Sterling silver and many materials, her locks can be set with diamonds or precious stones. It can be worn as a pendant or a charm.

The lock in the spotlight

In 2016 with the “Lock your mom” project, Marla Aaron added a new signification to her lock. Through this project, the designer offered a mini lock to single mothers, honoring the daily fight to raise their kids. This “lock” is also available with different materials and stones for her clients.

Complete women’s jewelry collections

The brand also creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, charms to build a set.

Necklaces and lockers

Marla Aaron designs her collection as a unique entity. Even the most original pendant is better looking when set with the perfect choker or long necklace. Her chains are carefully designed to perfectly “mix and match” the lockers.

Mesh bracelets and bangles

Just as her necklaces, Marla Aaron created beautiful bracelets. Charms can be added to thin bangles and the chain bracelets are made with a rectangular and long locker patterned mesh. Marla Aaron’s success was celebrated during the 2016 Museum of American Finance with the « Gold: Worth its Weight » exhibition.

The opinion of Mad Lords’creator (Caroline Muller)

Mad Lords will always be proud of engaged women and designer. Working with Marla Aaron was obvious. We are delighted to help her carry her message of hope and passion.

Come visit us and discover her collections!

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