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The jewelers duo between two different worlds

Shamballa… this blessed land, is a story, a dream told in many believes, religions and especially Tibetan Buddhism. Its importance may change according to the different point of views, but it is easy to understand why Mads and Mikkel Kornerup chose this tail as their main inspiration.

The Shamballa model

The term recalls Eastern roots, a myth in the imagination of the world because of the Shamballa legend. A perfect world, hidden from humans to preserve its purity. Its jewelry bounds the one that offers and the one that receives and support meditation. Its composition is as refined as its message is powerful. The Kornerup brothers play with these significations and create jewelry collections carrying universal meanings.

Jewelry for men

Shamballa bracelets are timeless. For men and women, they are made of beads set on a string with a slip knot to adapt to each wrist.

The bracelet, a flagship piece

Mixing Eastern luxury and Nordic preciousness, Shamballa Jewels uses the most precious materials. The brothers string beads on black leather strings mixing white, yellow, black or rose gold with precious stones and diamonds. The blend of different shades reveals a global harmony.

A very Nordic style

The beauty of the bracelets influenced by myth doesn’t exclude torques: jewels dear to the Vikings. Transformed into bangles, they associate precious pearls with gems, according to the Nordic art of jewelry. Shamballa jewels present wrist bangles set with emeralds, sapphires and black diamonds. These bracelets are an ideal gift for men.

The Shamballa Jewels Look

These Shamballa bracelets can be perceived as quite masculine with their frank color beads and their Nordic motifs. But they can also be an original gift for women who appreciate a rock style or original stacks.

Collections designed as a unique piece

A bracelet can be worn with a matching necklace or ring. Following the rock attitude of Johnny Depp, a leather and white gold diamond paved bangle can be enhanced with a sober leather necklace set with a black gold pendant with brown sapphires. The biker accent will be even more obvious with a necklace made of onyx beads and a white gold pendant set with rough diamonds.

Hippy chic and stacking

How can one imagine a hippy look without colors? The graceful mix of squared beads incrusted with rubies or sapphires, ceramic beads, wrist jewels, rings and necklaces set with diamonds are the very origin of a Shamballa. The ethnical look inhabits Shamballa Jewels and perfectly matches the hippy allure. Lenny Kravitz and Keith Richards get the best out of such pieces, worn one by one or stacked. Shamballa Jewels bounds two different worlds. As the alliance of Scandinavia and the East, the brand is resolutely non-conformist.

The opinion Mad Lords creator (Serge Muller)

Mads and Mikkel Kornerup translate their vision of the physical and spiritual world through their jewelry brand. As jewelry curators, Mad Lords, are proud to collaborate with Shamballa. Discover their pieces in our boutiques and our website.

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