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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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M.Cohen and men’s jewelry

The Californian jeweler Maor Cohen immedialty chose to work with multi-strand bracelets and stacks. Renowned all around the world, his jewelry is exclusively available at Mad Lords.

An inspired jewelry

The brand M.Cohen was created by Maor Cohen, a Californian designer with an unique aesthetic. He expresses his passion for jewelry pieces created during his first professional experience, in a local jewelry shop, in Los Angeles. His inspiration kept growing while he was hard working in the workshop. His taste for mixed textures and colors caught the attention of his boss who offered him a designer job. Led by his instinct, Maor Cohen developed a keen sense of design and fine art thanks to his various travels. He now enjoys mixing styles, textures and colors from different cultures from Europe, South America and of course California.

Bracelets for men as the main piece

Maor Cohen was immediatly attracted to stacking and mixing different pieces. He decided to fully dedicate his art to men’s bracelets.

Stacking : the heart of the M.Cohen brand

A M.Cohen piece of jewelry is recognizable at first sight, especially his bracelets. Stacking bracelets with different styles and colors have become the identity of the brand. Assembling stacks allows one to create its own style that perfectly suits every single personality. The different patterns and materials of his bracelets are appreciated by many celebreties such as Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz or Johnny Depp.

The union of great and precious materials

Faithful to the “Californian style” and its many influences, M.Cohen enjoys mixing leather with dark silver, beads and precious stones or onyx and rough silver. This creative freedom echoes with Cohen’s travels around the world.

A variety of style and the love of travel

The designer dresses up men’s skin with colorful bracelets, rings and chains. Stacks highlight necks as well as wrists and create a unique style.

The joy to be yourself

An ideal gift for men is a rare and unique item. A masculine jewel is more than a piece of clothing, it becomes a companion. M.Cohen jewels are a perfect mix of textures, shapes and colors. The designer associates the chic roughness of leather with different shaped beads and silver. The infinity of combinations creates unique pieces. Rock, chic, hippie, vintage or biker: any style can be yours.

The world on the wrist

Thanks to their timeless design, M.Cohen’s pieces encounter a huge success. Each stack is names after meaningful places: Lisbon, Fiji, Bali, Paris Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Ibiza… All these places are carefully represented by the various colors and shapes. Switching from a rock attitude to a more discreet style is easy. Changing bracelets and stacks creates a new style, each day. True creators are recongnizable throughout their passion. Because his pieces are all unique and so personal, Maor Cohen has no rival to be worry about. Wearing a bracelet or a ring reveals a part of yourself.

The opinion Mad Lords’creator: Serge Muller

Truly masculine, M.Cohen’s jewelry and stacks are an invitation to curiosity, discovering the different cultures of the world. At Mad Lords we love inspired designers and artists who create unique, timeless but unconventional styles. Any gift ideas ?

Discover M.Cohen’s jewelry, come and visit our one of a kind secret stop.

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