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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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Any kind of women jewelry

Even though body piercing dates back to the dawn of times, it now encounters a huge success. Not only as a trend, piercing is all around the world, helping people to stand out for themselves. Thanks to various shapes, colors and textures, women’s piercing allows any type of creativity. To create your own style, the perfect balance between the area pierced and the jewel is really important.

The perfect way to get pierced

Inspired by traditional art, piercing dresses up women’s bodies. It was in the first place, the prerogative of tribes and was a way to show wealth and social status. Today, piercing has two purposes: affirming yourself as an individual and showing your belonging to a group. The piercing trend seems to date back to the Punk movement, in the 80s. At that time, Punks wanted to express their rebellion denying any form of convention or social rules. Women wearing several jewels enjoy feeling freely themselves.

The human body and piercing

Each type of piercing carries the body art legacy, helping anyone to find the perfect style. Thanks to new techniques, more and more areas can get piercing, but some of them are still women’s privilege.

The ear piercing

Of course, the ear is the first area most women tend to have pierced. The lobe is innervated so less painful and the healing is quite rapid. Moreover, this type of piercing, being easy to change, allows to wear many different jewels. The cartilage of the ear can be sublimated with silver, gold or precious stones. Many celebrities, such as Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna or Zoe Kravitz have made these types of piercing famous.

Women’s body allows any type of expression

Tribal traditions focus on other areas of the body. The tongue or the navel are still very appreciated. What is more atypical then a precious stone set on the body?

A jewel for each piercing

Tattoos are unique but permanent jewels. Conversely, a piercing can be changed according to your mood or style.

The reinvented charm of a classical earring

The final purpose of the piercing chirurgical act is to wear jewelry. So why not choosing the most stunning jewelry. Some specialized brands as Maria Tash and And…Paris create wonderful hoops or studs. Yellow, white or rose gold set with precious stones create subtle, elegant forms and shapes inspired by animal, tribal or astral patterns.

The seductive aspects of original ornaments

Women who are seeking authentic body ornaments purchase pieces from designers showcased at Mad Lords. The Mad Precious collection associates black gold with charms. Céline d’Aoust, Venyx or Kismet by Milka create geometrical gold earrings paved with diamonds and precious stones. More than a basic trend, piercing awakens women. As a timeless jewel, it reveals a tiny piece of woman’s mystery.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Caroline Muller)

As jewelry curators, Mad Lords aims to share its passion for the rare and beautiful. Traveling around the world, we seek what defines you. Take a look at our web site, discover our designers and come visit us.

Our experts Caroline et Thibault will create the piercing that perfectly suits you.

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