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December 14, 2020 3 min read

Men’s wrist jewelry at Mad Lords

More permanent than a piece of clothing, and outstanding than a haircut, a piece of jewelry can be an audacious choice. Bracelets for men are today encountering a great and deserved success. Made of leather, metals or pearls, they showcase timeless shapes.

Perpetuating the wearing of men’s jewelry

Jewelry has never been a women’s prerogative. As a sign of strength, bravery or to mark a social status, rings, bracelets have always been worn by men. Shaped as bones or shells during the prehistory, men’s jewelry evolved with the new techniques. Iron then precious metals, as gold set with stunning stones seduced the bracelets’ crafting. All around the world, bracelets, are worn on the wrist or the arm, symbolizing wealth, power and royalty. Morals have been changing over the years and sometimes made jewelry exclusively feminine. Thanks to famous musicians, bracelets for men are now a must have beyond any accessory. Bracelets are ideal gifts because of their variety of designs. They help men to express their personality.

How to wear a bracelet for men?

Men can wear as many bracelets as they want. Nevertheless, there are a few rules to follow.

Choosing the right wrist

Men enjoy wearing a watch as much as a finely designed bracelet or bangles, using various material such as leather or gold. But wearing bracelets and a watch on the same wrist can damage and scratch the watch. Thus, having bracelets on your strong hand can bother you throughout the day.

Prefer a nice mix of bracelets to create beautiful stackings

Thanks to the variety of materials and colors, mixing bracelets can create your own style. In the music field, some personalities as Lenny Kravitz or Johnny Depp, proudly wear their own stacking. All kind of audacity is permitted; however, it is not recommended to have more than one big bracelet. Rather chose many small and discreet bracelets made of a common material. Mixing white and black gold with steel is more elegant than mixing matt yellow gold with rose gold.

Stacking bracelets by Mad Lords

Any need of gift ideas? There are so many options that anyone can find a style and aesthetic that suits his or her personality. With bangles, curb chains or leather bracelets, Mad Lords offers a large choice of stackings.

A precious jewelry

Bracelets allow a great creativity and attracted many designers such as M.Cohen, who gives them a hippie-chic twist. Stunning colors and creative shapes distinguish wrists highlighting diamond paving, pearls, stones and beads.

Leather and metals: between rock and ethnic

Using ancestral shapes and forms, a bracelet can also be quite discreet. The purity of these lines are the guest of honor of curb chains and bangles. The Mad Precious&Ethical collection is dedicated to simplicity and elegance. For those who are looking for stacks with leather bracelets, bangles made of silver or matt silver, set with diamonds, the perfect piece exists. Mad Lords loves stacking in any way. Proudly affirming a rocky Keith Richards attitude or a biker style is at wrist. Bracelets are more than just jewelry, they show to the world a piece of your soul, of your heart. As a jewelry curator, Mad Lords believes that any piece of jewelry can reveal who you really are.

The Mad Lords’ creator opinion: Serge Muller

At Mad Lords, we are attached to the idea that a jewel talks to our true personality and our will to create. So much more than a simple object, it shows our values and everything we believe in.

Take a look at our website and come visit us. We will welcome you and share our passion.

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