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For Tobias Wistisen the creation of jewelry is a balance pushed to its extreme. He was born in Denmark and was trained at the ESMOD school in Paris. He began his career working in the design studio of John Galliano. His work is the fruit of the mixture of two influences, on the one hand it is inspired by the Parisian Haute Couture Theatre and on the other of the anarchist approach taught at Galliano, and then apply it to the rigorous and creative functionalism of the design Scandinavian. While his experience in the creation of clothing has developed a very precise and unorthodox approach to materials and forms, he is finally attracted to the creation of accessories that will truly allow him to bring his touch to the Creation. All the materials are meticulously processed by hand, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece, worked to get the best quality possible. And yet, despite all the importance of detail, his work is part of a harmony made of hardness, aggression and wear.