Tobias Wistisen

Tobias Wistisen

For Tobias Wistisen the creation of jewelry is a balance pushed to its limits. He was born in Denmark and trained at the ESMOD School of Paris. He began his career working with John Galliano. His work roots within two influences. On the one hand it is inspired by the Parisian Haute Couture's dramatic style and on the other hand by the anarchist approach taught by Galliano. He then applies these inspirations to the rigorous and creative functionalism of the design Scandinavian. While his experience in the design of clothing has given him a very precise and unorthodox approach to materials and forms, he was finally attracted to the creation of accessories, that truly allow him to express himself. All the materials are meticulously processed by hand, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece and an extreme quality. And yet, despite all these different details, his work builds a harmony made of hardness, aggression and roughness.


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Single Skull Braid BraceletSingle Skull Braid Bracelet
Multi RingMulti Ring
Spinel Box RingSpinel Box Ring
Lobster Stones RingLobster Stones Ring
Side Torn Gold Edge RingSide Torn Gold Edge Ring
Side Torn Edge RingSide Torn Edge Ring
M Torn Edge RingM Torn Edge Ring
Large Cleft RingLarge Cleft Ring
Torn Gold Edges ChevaliereTorn Gold Edges Chevaliere
Tribal Plate NecklaceTribal Plate Necklace
Rotten Chain NecklaceRotten Chain Necklace
Gold Torn Edges BraceletGold Torn Edges Bracelet
Gold Folded Edge NecklaceGold Folded Edge Necklace
Gold Mecan NecklaceGold Mecan Necklace
Mecan Stones NecklaceMecan Stones Necklace
Tom Edges RingTom Edges Ring
Torn Gold Edges RingTorn Gold Edges Ring
Square RingSquare Ring
Gold Square Double RingGold Square Double Ring
Square Double RingSquare Double Ring
Onyx corner Stone RingOnyx corner Stone Ring
Stud Peak RingStud Peak Ring
Gold Peak RingGold Peak Ring
Octo RingOcto Ring
Heaume NecklaceHeaume Necklace
Nails Ring Leather BraceletNails Ring Leather Bracelet
Split BraceletSplit Bracelet
Bended bracelet wBended bracelet w
Interlock ringInterlock ring
X chevaliereX chevaliere
Grip ringGrip ring
Key NecklaceKey Necklace
Intertwine braceletIntertwine bracelet
Bended braceletBended bracelet
Folded Stones RingFolded Stones Ring
Stitched Stone RingStitched Stone Ring
Double Ring NecklaceDouble Ring Necklace
Spinner Bar RingSpinner Bar Ring
Center RingCenter Ring


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