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Coco rainbow duringCoco rainbow during
Fuchsia mania necklace cordonFuchsia mania necklace cordon
Lapis silver gold and diamonds necklaceLapis silver gold and diamonds necklace
Lapis gold and ruby necklaceLapis gold and ruby necklace
Silver necklace emeraudes and diamondsSilver necklace emeraudes and diamonds
Round carved evil eye necklaceRound carved evil eye necklace
Lapis emeraude necklaceLapis emeraude necklace
Quartz necklaceQuartz necklace
Green aquamarine lapis necklaceGreen aquamarine lapis necklace
Cuadro onyx and emerald necklaceCuadro onyx and emerald necklace
Ruby stars planet necklaceRuby stars planet necklace
Green malachite necklaceGreen malachite necklace
Stellated Diamond Gold Flatback NecklaceStellated Diamond Gold Flatback Necklace
Singularity NecklaceSingularity Necklace
Black & white spinner necklaceBlack & white spinner necklace
Rainbow fantasy padlock necklaceRainbow fantasy padlock necklace
Harlequin confetti padlock necklaceHarlequin confetti padlock necklace
Small rainbow sputnik necklaceSmall rainbow sputnik necklace
Rose Gold Bear Pendant NecklaceRose Gold Bear Pendant Necklace
Non signéRose Gold Bear Pendant Necklace
Sale price$2,740 Regular price$9,860
Diamond Bettina NecklaceDiamond Bettina Necklace
Blue Topaz Bettina NecklaceBlue Topaz Bettina Necklace
Diamonds and Black Agate Spike NecklaceDiamonds and Black Agate Spike Necklace
Lapis Secrets PendantLapis Secrets Pendant
Midnight Mystery PendantMidnight Mystery Pendant
Emerald Creation Necklace with Heart PendantEmerald Creation Necklace with Heart Pendant
Non signéEmerald Creation Necklace with Heart Pendant
Sale price$6,410 Regular price$13,310
Skull with Flower Crown PendantSkull with Flower Crown Pendant
Rock On Ladyfinger PendantRock On Ladyfinger Pendant
Figa Ladyfinger PendantFiga Ladyfinger Pendant
The Ladybird PendantThe Ladybird Pendant
Temperance Tarot PendantTemperance Tarot Pendant
Hawk Moth Tablet PendantHawk Moth Tablet Pendant
Lovers Tarot PendantLovers Tarot Pendant
Empress Tarot PendantEmpress Tarot Pendant
Gyan Mudra PendantGyan Mudra Pendant
Hamsa Tablet PendantHamsa Tablet Pendant
Luminescent Moon Face PendantLuminescent Moon Face Pendant
Serpent Tablet PendantSerpent Tablet Pendant
High Priestess Tarot PendantHigh Priestess Tarot Pendant
I Love You Ladyfinger PendantI Love You Ladyfinger Pendant
Luminescent Scarab PendantLuminescent Scarab Pendant
Peace Ladyfinger PendantPeace Ladyfinger Pendant
Shaka Ladyfinger PendantShaka Ladyfinger Pendant
Moon Tarot PendantMoon Tarot Pendant
Hamsa Ladyfinger PendantHamsa Ladyfinger Pendant
Sun Tarot PendantSun Tarot Pendant
Skull Cameo PendantSkull Cameo Pendant
Three of Swords Tarot PendantThree of Swords Tarot Pendant
Death Tarot PendantDeath Tarot Pendant
Emerald Ava n°2 NecklaceEmerald Ava n°2 Necklace
Moonstone Gaia n°1 NecklaceMoonstone Gaia n°1 Necklace


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