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Pendants for women

Pendants can be worn alone or combined, associated with a gold, silver or even leather chain. They are sometimes a support of letters or words, it’s a sign sent to the tribe to which you are a part.
Koala Secret Glass Necklace

Alexandra Abramczyk


Elephant Secret Glass Necklace

Alexandra Abramczyk


Fertility Necklace

Alexandra Abramczyk


Medal Evil Eye Multi Sapphires and Diamonds

Mad Precious & Ethical

$2,507 $2,950

Jafar Necklace

Sevan Bicakci


Prana n°1 Necklace

Pascale Monvoisin


Izia Necklace

Pascale Monvoisin


Gabin n°3 Necklace

Pascale Monvoisin


Eye Necklace White Diamonds

Tiphaine Van Eeckhout