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Since childhood, design has always been linked to Patricia Arango’s life’s journey. Born in Colombia and raised by an antique collector and fashion entrepreneur mother, she grew up surrounded by the subtleties of details that make anything unique and beautiful. She began to design jewelry in 2001. Since then, her passion for crafts has grown as she explores and evolves as an artist.

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What is the perfect bracelet to offer to a woman? Our recommendations

Buying a bracelet as a gift can be a real challenge. Even though it dates back ages ago, there are today many different types of bracelets. How to choose the right one? A single bangle or a stack, Mad Lords will help you choose the perfect fit.


Women’s pendants: Mad Lords’ selection

Adorning the neck with several necklaces evokes many desires. A necklace is much more than a piece of clothing. It is sentimental, emotional, made to be looked at and set on the skin, close to heart. Women’s necks hide many secrets.

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