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At the heart of the creative world of Pascale Monvoisin, "elsewhere" is a place of choice. Maybe because in another life she was a stewardess. Between Buenos Aires and Bangkok, between San Francisco, Rio, Delhi and Tokyo, she feeds her imaginary of other colors, atmospheres, paintings, and sharpens her sense of beauty. Fond of underground culture, she dedicates her stopovers to museums and art galleries, to places hype as well as confidential routes. At random from African alleys, from an anonymous bar in Los Angeles, from the contemplation of a Rauschenberg or a Rothko, she especially feels this freedom to create, when she uses various influences to mold precious materials. All these light and opening energies that help her to move forward and dare expressing herself. And this modest and instinctive young woman spent all her free time practicing Fine Arts... She drew, modeled, painted and played with the nuances of materials and colors. And one fine day, almost naturally, she made a ring with 1930's pearls found on a flea market. Mounted like a sculpture, the jewel attracts lust; Then it's the turn of his bracelet, his necklaces... Her first inspired pieces were acclaimed and in 2009, she decided to launch her first collection.