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Icoso Blue Sapphire Silver Ring

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Crafted within the prestigious Verahedra collection, this sterling silver ring boasts a mesmerizing array of 270 round blue sapphires. Inspired by the icosahedron, an esteemed Platonic solid revered by ancient philosophers, this piece epitomizes timeless elegance. Featuring 18 pyramidal sides adorned with captivating black sapphires and encrusted with dazzling white diamonds, this icosahedron ring is intrinsically linked to the element of Water, resonating with the Sacral Chakra. Symbolizing movement, fluidity, and transformation, Water embodies the essence of this remarkable ring. Wear this piece to channel the dynamic spirit of water—an embodiment of liberation in expression, stimulation of creativity, and embracing the fluidity of life. The Verahedra Collection presents an array of intricate, interlocking geometries that echo the grace of Euclidean geometry and the architectural marvels found in ancient Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian temples.

Each piece is unique, its color and shape may vary.

  • Materials: Silver, Blue sapphire

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