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Lawa Ruby BraceletLawa Ruby Bracelet
Lawa Sapphire BraceletLawa Sapphire Bracelet
Marquize BraceletMarquize Bracelet
Christina CMarquize Bracelet
Sale price$3,500 Regular price$5,520
White Gold Heart BraceletWhite Gold Heart Bracelet
Christina CWhite Gold Heart Bracelet
Sale price$5,250 Regular price$8,280
Yellow Gold Heart BraceletYellow Gold Heart Bracelet
Christina CYellow Gold Heart Bracelet
Sale price$5,250 Regular price$8,280
Rebellion Bangle in 2 ToneRebellion Bangle in 2 Tone
Rebellion Bangle 2 Tone with Partial DiamondsRebellion Bangle 2 Tone with Partial Diamonds
Buckle Bracelet with DiamondsBuckle Bracelet with Diamonds
Buckle BraceletBuckle Bracelet
Her StoryBuckle Bracelet
Sale price$3,640
Armlet Style BraceletArmlet Style Bracelet
Silver BangleSilver Bangle
Non signéSilver Bangle
Sale price$170 Regular price$340
Tapered Round Skinny Nomad BangleTapered Round Skinny Nomad Bangle
Wavey Round Nomad BangleWavey Round Nomad Bangle
The Nola Jaspe BraceletThe Nola Jaspe Bracelet
The Rope BraceletThe Rope Bracelet
The Santa Fe Turquoise BraceletThe Santa Fe Turquoise Bracelet
Black Silver Spike BraceletBlack Silver Spike Bracelet
Silver Spike Bracelet DiamondsSilver Spike Bracelet Diamonds
JoelleSilver Spike Bracelet Diamonds
Sale price$380 Regular price$780
Silver Spike BraceletSilver Spike Bracelet
JoelleSilver Spike Bracelet
Sale price$250 Regular price$500
Jil n°2 BraceletJil n°2 Bracelet
Jil n°3 BraceletJil n°3 Bracelet
Infinite Sky BraceletInfinite Sky Bracelet
Green Rainbow Rays BraceletGreen Rainbow Rays Bracelet
Pink Rainbow Burst BraceletPink Rainbow Burst Bracelet
Perihelion Bracelet SilverPerihelion Bracelet Silver
Unity Curb 6mm Bangle Silver MediumUnity Curb 6mm Bangle Silver Medium
Rebellion Bangle with Partial Diamonds
Rebellion Bangle in 2 Tone GoldRebellion Bangle in 2 Tone Gold
Reflection Orange Enamel Diamond Bracelet
Reflection Black Enamel Diamond Bracelet
La Linea Baguette Diamond Bracelet
Face to Face BraceletFace to Face Bracelet
Pyramid BraceletPyramid Bracelet
Ishtar BraceletIshtar Bracelet
The Butterfly Effect BraceletThe Butterfly Effect Bracelet
Melted Diamonds BraceletMelted Diamonds Bracelet
Circle of Life BraceletCircle of Life Bracelet
Art Deco Variety BraceletArt Deco Variety Bracelet
Cowboy BraceletCowboy Bracelet
Leaves BraceletLeaves Bracelet
Multicolor Enamel Billie Bracelet DiamondsMulticolor Enamel Billie Bracelet Diamonds
Large CuffLarge Cuff
RocLarge Cuff
Sale price$390
Fine CuffFine Cuff
RocFine Cuff
Sale price$210
White Diamond Alliance BangleWhite Diamond Alliance Bangle
Silver and Gold Diamond BraceletSilver and Gold Diamond Bracelet
Grey Diamond and Circle Pave BraceletGrey Diamond and Circle Pave Bracelet
Shaman Headpiece BraceletShaman Headpiece Bracelet
HYB-D-015 BraceletHYB-D-015 Bracelet
5 Rows Shayana Bracelet Rose Gold5 Rows Shayana Bracelet Rose Gold
7 Rows Amalia Bracelet Rose Gold7 Rows Amalia Bracelet Rose Gold


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