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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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DHL Express delivery and returns free from $500
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A body art to explore

Scarlett Johansson’s or Zoe Kravitz’ looks are appreciated because of their clothes, hairstyle or makeup. But there are so many other ways to enhance your face and body. Piercing is a silent way to express your personality and beauty throughout the body. Mad Lords proposes you 10 original ideas of piercing jewelry.

A women’s business

The importance of this trend is today tremendous. Getting pierced is not just a modern trend, this practice goes back ages ago. Wearing a piercing is a social marker and expresses a fashion sensibility. According to trends launched by some creators, the number of areas that can get pierced keeps growing. Once the chirurgical act done, a stunning jewel can be placed by the piercer.

The ear : a really appreciated area

The ear is the most common and most appreciated area. Having the ears pierced is less painful, but still, has an immediate effect.

The ear lobe

The lobe is the less sensitive area because it is innervated. Many men and women have them pierced at a very young age. Even women who don’t wish having their ear pierced twice can still affirm their femininity by wearing refined or massive earrings, custom or precious.

Tragus and other variations

For a few years now, piercings are getting more and more popular. Some of them still follow ancestral codes and traditions. Now having the tragus, the helix, the conch, the transversal lobe, the snug or the daith pierced is quite usual. The cartilage of the internal areas of the ear needs more care and the act of piercing must be really precise. But it is worth it.

Femininity within the skin

The whole body is now an area that can be pierced. These kinds of piercings also recall ancient traditions and practices.

Studs at Mad Lords

Left behind during the 90s, studs are now, thanks to celebrities, very trendy. The jewel even brightens up a picture of these women. Decorating the face with a pinch of rebellion, studs are now designed by famous jewelry brands such as Maria Tash.

The navel and tongue piercing

Piercing keeps exploring many areas options. A tongue or navel piercing hides a mysterious aspect of a woman’s personality. Some designers like And…Paris or Mad Private enjoy creating jewels for these more discreet areas. Piercing is now a “must have”. It expresses one’s aesthetic and carries symbolic values, important to its owner.

The opinion of Mad Lords’s creator (Caroline Muller)

At Mad Lords, we aim to create for women who are looking for jewelry that perfectly suits their body and soul. Therefore, we have our own space, dedicated to piercing in our shop.

Make an appointment to discover the know-how and advice of our piercers.

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