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August 10, 2021 2 min read

How to highlight mister’s wrist ?

Today, men’s jewelry is very popular. It no longer defines itself according to women’s taste. Seen on the streets or fashion shows, stunning jewelry pieces are again appreciated by men. As the most famous ornament or as the perfect gift, bracelet is a secure value. How will men wear bracelets in 2021 ?

Men love jewelry

After a little slump and because of multiple dark reasons which restricted men’s jewelry to a few things (watches and curb chains), men regained the desire to wear jewelry pieces and accessories. They may just follow a trend or truly appreciate wearing delicate pieces, but still, they enjoy adorning their bodies with several jewelry pieces. Attracted by Lenny Kravitz’ or Colin Farrell’s looks, men wear bracelets that perfectly suite their style and envies. 2021 can be the year of simplicity and freedom where one can wear what he likes, despite any trend.

A discreet ornament

As a complement to a beautiful watch, bracelets are no longer hidden under sleeves and can reveal a surprising personality.

The simplicity of forms

Bangles made of used silver or black gold were initiated by Vikings. They are appreciated by those who prefer simple pieces that fit with any clothes or style. Refined and made of white gold, these ethnic bracelets are beautiful and sober.

The purity of materials

This research of fundamental values is filled by leather bracelets, simple or layered. They can perfectly match watches without scratching them and give a rock’n’roll or biker “allure” to the wrist. Plane or as knots, many styling options are available: colorful, stacked, set with silver, gold or paved with diamonds.

Fabulous jewels without any restrictions

If one wishes to fully express a personality throughout jewelry, just like Johnny Depp or Keith Richards, bracelets are the perfect choice.

The timeless pattern

The defendants of beautiful materials chose a very specific bracelet. The curb chain with its yellow, white or rose gold links is the most classic bracelet. The newly but still very popular version of the beads bracelet set with a charm is the award winning hippy chic and easy-to-wear jewel.

The choice of multi-tour bracelets

The beautiful M.Cohen collection seduced more than one man ! Even the most hesitating ones ended up stacking chains with beads, yellow gold, leather, rough diamonds or onyx. For those who doubt their ability to create a perfect stack, choosing a men’s bracelet from the Californian designer is the ideal solution. Bangles, leather or gold bracelets, men’s wrist jewels are in the spotlight of 2021 ! Mad Lords invites you to discover the stunning creativity of our designers.

The opinion of Mad Lords’ creator (Serge Muller)

Among our designers, many are careful about the fact that some men wish to wear one or several beautiful jewelry pieces. We are glad to help our clients choose the perfect jewel, for their selves or as a gift! Discover our men’s bracelets collections in our boutique.

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