Belt sizes

The size of the belt corresponds to the length between the buckle and the center hole (the third hole on a 6-hole belt for example). So, for a waist 85 belt, that means there are 85 cm separating the loop from the center hole. For a belt that goes on low waist trousers, for example, take your measurements to the place where the belt will pass and not to the hollow of the waist. The choice of the size of a belt does not necessarily correspond to the classic waist that one takes for clothes (the most fine place of the waist). Then choose the length of the corresponding belt.
 Trouser size Belt length
36 XS 80
38 S 80
40 M 85
42 L 90
44 XL 95
46 XL 100
48 XXL 105
50 XXL 110