Imagine being free… free to go anywhere, where ever your imagination takes you. Free to travel back in time to the elegance of the 20s and the Retro style of the 50s. Free to travel forwards in time too, and explore wondrous planets and secret galaxies.

Conceived as a planet, Venyx is a blend of landscapes inhabited by intriguing living creatures andnatural phenomena. The jewels are the aesthetic synthesis that Designer Eugenie Niarchos finds in them.
Eugenie finds inspiration in her many journeys feeding her imagery and her creations.

Merging classical antique with modern concepts is the aim of Venyx, with futuristic creations set to include jewels and high-tech objects. Welcome to the mystical planet.


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White star earringsWhite star earrings
VenyxWhite star earrings
Sale price$2,720
Rainbow claw necklaceRainbow claw necklace
Blue star earringsBlue star earrings
VenyxBlue star earrings
Sale price$1,550
Artemis earringsArtemis earrings
VenyxArtemis earrings
Sale price$12,140
Mini ra hoopsMini ra hoops
VenyxMini ra hoops
Sale price$4,210
Rainbow fish ringRainbow fish ring
VenyxRainbow fish ring
Sale price$7,430
Oryx earringsOryx earrings
VenyxOryx earrings
Sale price$7,430
Oseanyx white stud earringsOseanyx white stud earrings
Ra hoopsRa hoops
VenyxRa hoops
Sale price$7,930
Reem earringsReem earrings
VenyxReem earrings
Sale price$3,470
Oseanyx yellow stud earringsOseanyx yellow stud earrings
Matahari earringsMatahari earrings
VenyxMatahari earrings
Sale price$4,580


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