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The Gem Palace has stood proud as one of India's iconic jewelry houses for over one hundred and sixty years and the members of the Kasliwal family have maintained a lasting and relevant position in the jewelry trade since the 1700s. The Gem Palace has created heirlooms for emperors, kings, queens, presidents and film stars and continues to cater to the traditional and contemporary needs of jewelry buyers from across the globe. The story of the Kasliwal family dates back to the XVI Century, during the Mughal empire when the Maharajas, ‘great kings’ of India, represented a vision of great splendor and magnificence. It was in the service of these princely rulers, patrons of the arts both in India and throughout Europe, that the Kasliwals first established their status as legendary jewelers. A unique family of aesthetes, the Kasliwals are skilled jewelers and gem cutters who have passed an extraordinary artistry, craftsmanship and passion from generation to generation. Appointed court jewel makers by Maharaja Saway Jai Singh II of the Royal family of Jaipur and granted high honors by the British Crown, the Kasliwal family history is deeply intertwined with the history of their native India.