Lady and the trump

Caro and I come from very different backgrounds. Her childhood was spent between NYC and St-Tropez, she has passion for the sea and great horizons. As for me, I come from a family of artists, photographers, musicians, painters… my childhood was spent in the working-class neighborhoods, the slums of Belleville Street and its surroundings.

Our meeting was the fruit of the most absolute coincidence. A fairy tale 3.0 much less ephemeral than an Instagram story.

She could no longer handle the constraints of luxury groups. I was tired of a few decades in the world of brokerage. I had experienced great moments of freedom and respect in a form of creativity applied to investment ideas. A few friends too, rare but of deep sincerity . The last years were those of the dictatorship of conformism set by a ruler drunk with power and certainties.  

In need of new horizons, to translate our own history into a project for which our choices and aspirations would be staged, to finally be ourselves. The will to build, for our children, for those we love, for the future .

Mad lords was then born. What did we not hear? Funny, incredulous and sometimes hostile looks. They moved us. None influenced us. We knew that…

The passion for jewelry and precious stones, the desire to communicate differently, the need to build a place that looked like us, to get closer to new faces, less sanitized and less conformist…

The first years were years of doubt. Never questioning our will and our passion. Moving from Avenue Matignon to a small dark apartment on Rue St Honoré was a shock.

Initially, the closest, then a few stars, a few rays of sun guided us. They were only a handful. Slowly, they became more numerous. We will never forget what they were for us. They are our foundation.

When the time came to switch from rehearsals to representation, chance or luck led us to the secret of a courtyard full of history two steps from our original location.

This ancient, centuries-old studio, where so many great photographers developed their most beautiful prints, became our home.

Inspired by our travels, our passion for flea markets, music, our attachment to the primitive art and Caro's New York culture guided us to build this space.

We present constantly renewed collections of jewels all rarer from one another. They are the fruit of our energy at the border of hyperactivity, our will, our ambition.

We discover new talents every day. Incredible women and men, often slightly uncomfortable when it comes to practical, administrative and economic matters. We love them, we commit to them, we become their coaches, friends and even therapists sometimes. Occasionally, after years of trying to get them recognized, they feel like they don’t need us anymore. We could perceive it as a betrayal. Truthfully, they are free artists, women or men. They make their own choices. We make ours. We are moving forward with those who want to and wish the others good luck.

Studio Piercing opening

Following the opening of a second space in Saint-Honoré, a studio piercing was the first completion of this experience. We then preferred our additional 20m2 to the 100000 m2 where we were bouncing around the Bon Marché. This 1st baby Mad Lords was a success. 

Our base is now set. Located in the heart of Europe, in places where we can fly in a few minutes to support our teams, we can now think about the future more serenely.

Our logo testifies to this desire to build. Inspired by a number, from our first Parisian address, it hides a motto and is worn like an ancestral tattoo. At our own pace, without seeking to conquer but only to meet those who resemble us, we will grow this project which, much less than our children but much more than futile aspirations, is so dear to us.

That’s our story. We have a lot more to say, but we’ll keep it for a warm exchange with you. You who count more than anything, you who since the first day bring us the smiles and the courage we need, you without whom nothing will ever be possible…


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