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Laura Sayan

Dream Catcher Necklace

Type: Necklaces for women

Size Guide
Necklace sizes
Categories of Necklaces:

35-40cm: Chocker
40-60cm: collar worn on top of neckline 
65-75cm: collar worn at chest level 
> 75cm: necklace worn in saltire

$70 will be donated to Institut Pasteur to fight against diseases and participate in improving human health.

The dream catcher comes from the Amerindian culture, the catcher-dream prevents bad dreams from invading the sleep of its keeper, here it is to wear night and day it will protect negative waves while sublimating the one who wears it.
Each piece is unique, its color and shape can vary
  • Materials: 18K yellow gold, Red Ruby, pink and yellow sapphires

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