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Des Siècles et des Siècles

Amulet Pendant

Type: Necklaces for men

Size Guide
Necklace sizes
Categories of Necklaces:

35-40cm: Choker
40-60cm: collar worn on top of neckline 
65-75cm: collar worn at chest level 
> 75cm: necklace worn in saltire

$80 will be donated to Institut Pasteur to fight against diseases and participate in improving human health.

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Representing a cartridge, "Shenou" in Egyptian, symbol hieroglyphic, always in shape elongated and closed by a knot. It symbolizes all that the sun surrounds, i.e. the universe, and has the function of protecting the name of the pharaoh.

Provenance: Collection Henri Naus Bey (1875-1935), Belgian industrial plant installed in Egypt from 1902.

In blue-turquoise glazed french fries. The Egyptians called him Tjehenet. It is a glassy mixture obtained by melting and grinding various constituents and used in the preparation of glazes

Egypt, Basse Epoque,-750 to 732 before JC

Each piece is unique, its color and shape can be different.

  • Materials: Blue enameled frit, turquoise, 18k gold, silver
  • Total length of the chain: 53cm
  • Length of pendant: 3cm

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