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Yellow Gold Stubble Bracelet

Type: Bracelets for women

Size Guide
Bracelet sizes
To measure your wrist, you can use a tape meter. Wrap your tape measure around the wrist to which you will wear your bracelet. Enter the number shown at the meeting point between the 0 and the Ribbon.
For comfortable wear, add 1.5 cm. You can then add or remove centimeters depending on the type of port you like (comfortable, exact size, tight).
The average size of a woman's bracelet is 16 cm. The average size of a male bracelet is 19 cm.
If your size is not available, contact us!

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Chaumet is one of the oldest French jewellery houses, born in 1780. This bracelet in the typical tradition of this exceptional jeweler is crafted in the purest style of his creations. It dates from 1930

Chaumet Bracelet from the 1930s. A vintage selection by Mad Lords.

Each piece is unique, its color and shape can vary

  • Materials: 18 K yellow gold, tiger eye 
  • Width: 1.5 cm
Free 1 year warranty

Your jewelry will be reconditioned for free during one year from the date of purchase.  Loss of elements or degradation related to abnormal use (fall, torn jewelry, sea water...) are not included in this warranty.


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