Sell your jewelry

A second life for your jewelry in just a few clicks

1 - List quickly

Send a request via our form below. Take a picture. Add a short description of the jewel. Set the price freely

2 - Quality control

We review each piece of jewelry to make sure it meets our criteria. We repair them before putting them online

3 - Posting on our site

Your jewel will be placed on consignment-sale on our site only. Mad Lords will take a 25% commission when paying the price of the jewel

Mad Lords Second Life

The advantages of selling at Mad Lords

From now on, we put at your disposal our e-commerce platform made up of our websites, our instagram page and our newsletters. Your jewels will be offered there in the “Second Hand” collection.

Price freely set

Set the price up front. Adjust at any time via

Jewelry restoration

Your jewelry will be refurbished and sterilized by our craftsmen

25% commission

A 25% commission will be charged as soon as the sale is final

Photos and descriptions

Our digital teams will take care of the photos and description for online posting

Payment within 14 days

The sale price will be paid to you as soon as the withdrawal period of 14 days has passed

Secure storage

Your jewel will be stored in our safe in order to be able to deliver it as soon as possible


Worldwide in 48h via DHL