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The passion for jewelry. The priority to the human.

Caroline and Serge, co-founders of Mad Lords, are true passionates about jewelry. Considering themselves as new nomads, they aim to place authenticity and humanity at the centre of their rock & chic universe.

Strongly faithful to their first day's jewelers, they nevertheless challenge them by collaborating with new talented creators. Wherever they come from, the choices of Mad Lords are guided by heart as well as the constant and assiduous search for authenticity.

Socially responsible, Mad Lords became partner with the Pasteur Institute to fight against diseases and participate in the improvement of human health. In this global pandemic context, Mad Lords had sought to be useful by donating its entire stock of masks to hospitals…
Aware of the environmental issues, Fairmined labeled gold is used for the Mad Precious & Ethical jewelry line. Moreover, the packagings have become eco-responsible…

Mad Lords welcomes you in the two shops rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. The first one, on the street, is also a piercing studio. The second, more discreet, is a bohemian spirit hidden spot mixing music, vintage furniture and bewitching perfumes.

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