"An air of Saint-Honoré"

Often nicknamed the 21st arrondissement of the capital, Deauville is a magical place preserved from Parisian excesses, which has kept its authentic architecture so particular, illuminated with sublime colors, irregular and surprising. 

This village has been the spearhead of American cinema for two generations. It never ceases to welcome those who make and break this 7th art that has always fascinated us. In short, a mythical place source of memories of childhood and adolescence. 

Only accessible for a long time to a world that was not mine, the installation of our 1st shop outside Paris allowed us to become one of the actors. Admittedly recognition will take time but sitting in the heart of the city, facing the famous Drakkar, our role as an extra can evolve towards a place closer to the front of the stage if we are courageous and persistent. 

We knew it, we dreamed about it, Mad Lords allowed us to print our hands, our hearts and play our music.

Identifying the designers and jewels adapted to the mood of the inhabitants of Deauville, its regions, regular Parisians or passing by exceptionally is a daily challenge.

The proximity to the sea, the attraction to nature, a climate unique to Normandy… implies some choices different from those of Rue Saint-Honoré. We will know how to respond to them with choices of jewelry more elegant than glittering, more authentic than avant-garde, more transmissible than ephemeral.

We are convinced that the desire to get closer to the ocean, the search for more peaceful ways of life, the attraction for such a special light will not cease to strengthen the power of attraction of this village. Parisians will come to settle there but also those of the other major capitals of Europe tired of too aggressive lifestyles. We will be there for them.

We settle there with the ambition to bring our bohemian and chic spirit but also and especially to understand the codes and honor them as this region deserves.

92 rue Eugène Colas

The store

Located in the heart of Rue Eugène Colas in Deauville. Once the doors of this Ali Baba cave, for aficionados of singular jewels, are pushed you discover a warm place and it looks like the South – the California one. In the windows, between a large cylinder and furniture «of curiosity» the most beautiful creations of niche jewelers and sharp pieces noticed sparkle.

« The coolest jewel concept-store in the capital takes up residence in Deauville and sets up a shop where a piercing studio and a speakasy are hidden, which highlights a selection of creators favorite pieces »


Mad Lords Deauville

The store

92 rue Eugène Colas, 14800 Deauville
+33 2 31 98 38 55
From Thursday to Sunday From 10:30am - 7:00pm


Piercing studio

92 rue Eugène Colas, 14800 Deauville
+33 2 31 98 38 55
From Thursday to Sunday From 10:30am - 7:00pm (by appointment)



Featured designers


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