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The Jewelry line Woodbury is made exclusively with gold, diamonds and gemstones. The parts are made in Antwerp by artisans, thus guaranteeing the high standards of design and production.

With a training in psychology, GABA Woodbury, based in Brussels, is open to feelings and vibrations, placing strong emotions at the centre of her work. Representing refinement, colour and complexity, Woodbury Jewelry transcends the test of time to emphasize instincts and strong relationships, giving each piece its unique appeal and resonance.

The creator reinterprets the symbolic and historical notion of talismans. It creates timeless, subtle and musical jewellery, freely mixing geometric shapes and vibrant tones. Expressing deep bonds, joyful moments and true harmony, his jewels succeed in being edifying and liberating at the same time, moving away from the somewhat conservative sensation of high-end jewellery.

Capturing the pace of one's heartbeat - and turning it into a yellow gold necklace: This is Woodbury's thinking process, transforming human sensations into striking jewelry. Entitled "Love on the Beat", this part of the collection allows the wearer to carry heartbeat of their beloved directly on their skin, a faithfully reflection of the designer's bond with her children. Most of Woodbury's jewelry are, in fact, custom-made, approaching uniqueness as authentic luxury.