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Perihelion Bracelet Silver MediumPerihelion Bracelet Silver Medium
Zag Bracelet Silver Large
Perihelion Bracelet Silver LargePerihelion Bracelet Silver Large
Ishtar BraceletIshtar Bracelet
Circle of Life BraceletCircle of Life Bracelet
Melted Diamonds BraceletMelted Diamonds Bracelet
Art Deco Variety BraceletArt Deco Variety Bracelet
Cracked Beads Macrame BraceletCracked Beads Macrame Bracelet
Large CuffLarge Cuff
RocLarge Cuff
Sale price$390
HYB-D-015 BraceletHYB-D-015 Bracelet
3 Stars Anklet Bracelet Hematite3 Stars Anklet Bracelet Hematite
3 Stars Anklet Bracelet Turquoise3 Stars Anklet Bracelet Turquoise
Sapphire Femur Shaped BangleSapphire Femur Shaped Bangle
Peridot Femur Shaped BanglePeridot Femur Shaped Bangle
Western art deco cuff turquoiseWestern art deco cuff turquoise
Western art deco cuff turquoise and flowersWestern art deco cuff turquoise and flowers
Mini Mila Sun White Enamel Bracelet
Mini Mila Heart White Enamel BraceletMini Mila Heart White Enamel Bracelet
Mini Mila Sun Green Enamel Bracelet
Thin Cuff with Black DiamondThin Cuff with Black Diamond
Dorje Bracelet Yellow GoldDorje Bracelet Yellow Gold
Sos BraceletSos Bracelet
Sos Micro BraceletSos Micro Bracelet
Debbie BraceletDebbie Bracelet
Petra n°2 BraceletPetra n°2 Bracelet
Petra n°1 BraceletPetra n°1 Bracelet
Western Art Deco CuffWestern Art Deco Cuff
Crab Bahia Bracelet Ruby and DiamondCrab Bahia Bracelet Ruby and Diamond
Crab Bahia Bracelet Turquoise and Diamond Rose GoldCrab Bahia Bracelet Turquoise and Diamond Rose Gold
Sun Bahia Bracelet 1 DiamondSun Bahia Bracelet 1 Diamond
Crab Bahia Bracelet Turquoise and Diamond Yellow GoldCrab Bahia Bracelet Turquoise and Diamond Yellow Gold
Sun Bahia Bracelet 1 SapphireSun Bahia Bracelet 1 Sapphire
Sun Bahia Bracelet 17 DiamondsSun Bahia Bracelet 17 Diamonds
Diamond Silk BraceletDiamond Silk Bracelet
Starburst CuffStarburst Cuff
Pattern BraceletPattern Bracelet
Turquoise and Skull CuffTurquoise and Skull Cuff
Floral Native Chief BraceletFloral Native Chief Bracelet
Floral CuffFloral Cuff
GHOST-RV 08 BraceletGHOST-RV 08 Bracelet
COD-10 BraceletCOD-10 Bracelet
GHOST 08 BraceletGHOST 08 Bracelet
HYB-D-010 BraceletHYB-D-010 Bracelet
MAP-013 BraceletMAP-013 Bracelet
SIK-010 BraceletSIK-010 Bracelet
AZK-VK0K BraceletAZK-VK0K Bracelet
Wrap Bracelet / Choker with GoldWrap Bracelet / Choker with Gold
Flat Curb BraceletFlat Curb Bracelet
HensonFlat Curb Bracelet
Sale price$1,030
Oval Beads Bracelet with GoldOval Beads Bracelet with Gold
Hammered Cuff with Gold and RubyHammered Cuff with Gold and Ruby


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