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The Vintage Collection brings together many jewelry pieces selected by Mad Lords. Recycling antique or second hand jewelry and giving them a second life, purchasing vintage jewels follows the MadLords’s responsible global approach.

Discover our collection of vintage jewelry from independent creators as well as prestigious jewelry houses such as Chanel or Chaumet.

Mad Precious & Ethical

$5,933 $6,980

Solar Boat Pendant

Florence Lanzmann


Moon Stone Ring

Mad Precious & Ethical

$2,635 $3,100

Blue Sapphire Ring

Mad Precious & Ethical

$4,717 $5,550

Oval Sapphire Ring

Mad Precious & Ethical

$1,122 $1,320

Antique Rush

Mad Private


Camelias Bracelet

Mad Private


Silver Bracelet Buckle

Mad Private


Yellow Gold Stubble Bracelet

Mad Precious & Ethical

$3,918 $4,610