Van Den Abeele

Van Den Abeele

Designer Delphine Crech'Riou believes perfection is halfway between classic and eccentric. Her first collection is full of audacity and sweetness, introducing diamonds combined with colorful enamel and sublime sunset color progressions. Discover summery jewelry that will bring you nothing but joyful vibes.


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Onyx and Citrine Stella 4 NecklaceOnyx and Citrine Stella 4 Necklace
Amethyst and Diopside Flame Pendant
Cornaline and Topaz Flower Pendant
Malachite and Diamond Petal Pendant
Onyx and Peridot Palm Pendant
Violet Amethyst Stella Bracelet DiamondsViolet Amethyst Stella Bracelet Diamonds
Diopsite Stella Bracelet DiamondsDiopsite Stella Bracelet Diamonds
Moonstone Larimar Stella Necklace DiamondsMoonstone Larimar Stella Necklace Diamonds
Ethiopian Opal and Amethyst Stella NecklaceEthiopian Opal and Amethyst Stella Necklace
Green Sapphire Stella Necklace DiamondsGreen Sapphire Stella Necklace Diamonds
Amethyst Stella Bracelet DiamondsAmethyst Stella Bracelet Diamonds
Multicolor Enamel Billie Bracelet DiamondsMulticolor Enamel Billie Bracelet Diamonds
Garnet Stella Necklace DiamondsGarnet Stella Necklace Diamonds
Blue Topaz Stella Bracelet DiamondsBlue Topaz Stella Bracelet Diamonds
Crystal Stella Necklace DiamondsCrystal Stella Necklace Diamonds


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