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Unnon offers limited run jewelry made primarily from sterling silver, yellow gold, precious stones but also using low brow materials such as concrete and rusted iron. The pieces are a mix of minimal lines, textures and timeless motifs brought together with textures inspired by ideas from architecture, contemporary art, fashion and the urban environment. Both primitive and sophisticated techniques are used in an effort to offer something visually interesting, but not necessarily practical or beautiful. Unnon aims to contrast opposing aesthetic tendencies and blend them together in harmony.

The pieces are generous, heavy and designed to wear and tarnish, but not really deteriorate if you accidentally clip some bricks. Unnon collides high and low approaches to culture, aesthetics and techniques in projecting ideas and style without serving as vessels of wealth or tradition.

While contributing to a new conversation rather than reflecting the constant bombardment of mass consumption, you own something that is solely yours, which has only been appreciated by someone else during the making process.