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Guided by a desire to discover new horizons and finding spirituality, the young designer spent a few years in Asia, in India in particular. She immediately fell in love with the culture and the inhabitants of the country. Indian’s craft is impregnated with colors, smells and especially traditions. As the stones are omnipresent in the Indian culture, the population gives them invaluable powers. With a diploma of Gemology FGA from London and a training in jewellery, the passionate designer acquired solid experience working for several prestigious brands. Her desire to create made her to launch her own brand in September 2012 under her name : Tiphaine Van Eeckhout. Her creations were spotted by the press with her blockbuster : the "Bohemian Bracelet", a model allowing her to impose a unique and colorful style. Today, it is in her workshop in the south of France that Tiphaine Van Eeckhout creates every day new unique models : bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. Each one of the creations enhances the shapes and beauty of gemstones.