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The corundum family is composed of different silicates, the most famous being sapphires and rubies. A blue corundum is called sapphire, a green one is called green sapphire, a yellow one, yellow sapphire and a red one is called ruby. 

Each colour is caused by the presence of a chemical element. In rubies it is the chrome that gives the deep red colour. In sapphires, iron and titanium give the blue tone to the stone. Iron darkens the stone, while titanium gives a more light blue shade. 

Corundum are very resistant stones, thanks to their hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and their zero cleavage.  

Some sapphires can be found in Europe or America, but the main deposits are located in SouthEast Asia and the most valuable sapphires are the Ceylon ones, from Sri Lanka. 

The most beautiful rubies are the “pigeon blood” types, extracted in the Mogok Valley of Myanmar. Nevertheless, the complex geopolitical situation of the country allowed other countries, such as Mozambique, to develop their ruby production. 

The sapphires and rubies are one of the favorite gemstones of designers. Creating colorful and authentic pieces, they enlight every aspect and quality of the stone.  

The Chouchane rings of Laura Sayan as well asVoillot’s Little Tigre ringenhance the simplicity and purity of blue sapphires. The  Mad Private green sapphire and black silver Sapphire Ring is another example of how stunning this stone can get. Using green opaque jade and pink brilliant cut sapphires, Nadine Aysoy reveals a beautiful contrast creating beautiful rings and earrings. 

Shading the different colors of sapphires can also be a way to sublimate the body.Alexandra Abramczyk and  Mad Precious & Ethical design colorful pieces.The multi sapphires river bracelet uses 18K Fairmined yellow gold, a beautiful way to stand for a more responsible jewelry industry.  

The red corundum, the ruby, is not left behind. The sacred symbol of thebee is made out of a pear shaped ruby by the designer  Bee Goddess. Shaped as baguettes they enhance ears, thanks to the And...Paris  yellowgold earring.The  Khamsa hand necklace created by  Céline d’Aoust hows the contrast of ruby and malachite and finally,L’Atelier Nawbar mixes the most famous red stone with turquoise, creating a hippie chic vibe. 

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Gabin n°2 necklace

Pascale Monvoisin


Gabin n°1 pendant

Pascale Monvoisin


Gabin n°4 Necklace

Pascale Monvoisin


Moon n°1 Honey Quartz Necklace

Pascale Monvoisin


Western art deco cuff turquoise

Mad Private by The French Guy


Mila Heart White Enamel Ring

Joanna Dahdah


Heart United Band Ring

L'atelier Nawbar


Kémal Earring

Sevan Bicakci


Blue Sapphire Eye Ring

Mad Private


Jahanara Earring



Rainbow Crystal Heart Pendant

Temple St Clair


Rainbow Triple Orbit Pendant

Temple St Clair


Mini Rainbow Orbit Pendant

Temple St Clair


Orange Pebble Necklace

Alexandra Abramczyk


Butterfly Ring

Alexandra Abramczyk


5 Rows Manao Bracelet Grey Gold

Fanny Blanchelande