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« They're solid gold. Heavy in the hollow of the hand that weighs them. We wear them as we wore his fortune in ancient times, along the roads. They're gross. The stones that crown them are carved into the crude. They tell us about the depths of the earth and all parts of the world, old or new, India or Brazil. These rings have a land force that makes them talismans. They transmit their energy to whoever wears them. They go to men and women. They have the color of ancient gold, almost pure. From antiquity, they remember, and from the Orient where they were born into the hands of the goldsmiths of Jaipur. They are timeless, they are modern by their rigor. Often engraved with motives that they borrow from nature, each one is unique and owes its thanks to the irregular gesture of the craftsman ».

OUR ADVICE Saï by Rachel Saïdani

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