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Royal Nomad is the result of a collaboration between a renowned luxury jewellery designer with a music producer/entrepreneur. Khristine Remington-Golonka grew up as a nomad-living in both Oregon and California. The jewellery is inspired by her perception of the world she travels, a fusion of vivid colors, brilliant textures and unique shapes. The repertoire of Khristine in the field of fashion has initially created a little buzz with its previous collections that attract the attention of several major celebrities. Her love for the unexpected is what gives her creations such an effortless attraction. Taylor Golonka, a former DJ, is both a music producer and an experienced Entrepreneur. Part of the inspiration behind the jewellery collections is the passion for the journey that he shares with his wife. The california-based duo created the company in 2013 and it has since become an enviable brand. With designs evoking elements such as the land, Travel and luxury, all parts materials come from ethical sources all over the WORLD. Royal Nomad is currently sold in some of the best retailers in the Country.