It is thanks to craftsmanship that ROC showcases silver jewels, revealing a raw, rock and authentic look. Made from ancient relics, the designer gives her jewelry a mission of symbolic transmission creating a link between history and future buyers.


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Grey Solitaire RingGrey Solitaire Ring
2 Cents Ring2 Cents Ring
Roc2 Cents Ring
Sale price$380
Redtears RingRedtears Ring
RocRedtears Ring
Sale price$310
Lace I RingLace I Ring
RocLace I Ring
Sale price$250
Solitaire Tourmaline RingSolitaire Tourmaline Ring
Water Green RingWater Green Ring
RocWater Green Ring
Sale price$330
Choker II NecklaceChoker II Necklace
RocChoker II Necklace
Sale price$260
Demi Duponidus de Nîmes Choker NecklaceDemi Duponidus de Nîmes Choker Necklace
Choker I NecklaceChoker I Necklace
RocChoker I Necklace
Sale price$300
Large CuffLarge Cuff
RocLarge Cuff
Sale price$390
Herkimer I RingHerkimer I Ring
RocHerkimer I Ring
Sale price$350
Antique NecklaceAntique Necklace
RocAntique Necklace
Sale price$480
Amulette Oeil NecklaceAmulette Oeil Necklace
Gordien III NecklaceGordien III Necklace
Fine CuffFine Cuff
RocFine Cuff
Sale price$210
Silver and Gold Amulette Oeil NecklaceSilver and Gold Amulette Oeil Necklace
Tetricus II RingTetricus II Ring
RocTetricus II Ring
Sale price$290
Antiloppe RingAntiloppe Ring
RocAntiloppe Ring
Sale price$380
Probus NecklaceProbus Necklace
RocProbus Necklace
Sale price$480
Silver and Gold Lion BraceletSilver and Gold Lion Bracelet
Antique Lace BraceletAntique Lace Bracelet
Geoeye SignetGeoeye Signet
RocGeoeye Signet
Sale priceFrom $280
Quartz Lemurian ringQuartz Lemurian ring
Denarius ringDenarius ring
RocDenarius ring
Sale price$335
Denarec ringDenarec ring
RocDenarec ring
Sale price$335
Auguste ringAuguste ring
RocAuguste ring
Sale priceFrom $335


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