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Retrouvaí (Reh-tro-v-eye) is derived from the French proverb ‘Retrovailles,’ defined as the joy of reconnecting with something from one’s past. Imagine how a single piece of jewelry can speak a thousand words. Retrouvaí was founded on the philosophy that a jewelry box is a woman's personal manifestation; it's contents are passed down through generations, picking up life times of stories along the way. Inspiration for this collection crosses motifs of mid-century modernism, with the ideals of today's modern women. Retrouvaí is identified by a whimsical eccentricity and it's signature motifs including the compass collection and fantasy signets. Incorporating classic pearls, radiant diamonds and vividly colored stones into 14-karat solid gold, Retrouvaí is made exclusively in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Toronto, Kirsty had an innate attraction to jewelry at a young age. While one grandmother worked for a costume house and the Hudson’s Bay Company, her other was a collector of semi-precious gemstones and amber; both instilling a love of beautiful objects. That love turned into an undying passion for jewelry, and the treasured heirlooms she inherited from the women who meant the most to her. With a Bachelor from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, Kirsty's decision to share her passion came naturally, but in time. Prior to launching her collection, she was the first employee of an Architectural manufacturing company.