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Swedish-born jeweler Pia Hallstrom is an award winning designer and a former head designer at Burberry in London. She studied fashion and design at New York’s Parsons School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology.
Pia has always loved design. As a young girl, she made her own clothes and jewelry pieces.
During an internship at a Washington department store, Pia was asked to style dresses with accessories for an in-store fashion show. ‘I was in heaven,’ she remembers. Pia then designed for Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren in New York before creating unexpected collections for Burberry and placed the brand on the international fashion map.
​Today, Pia Hallstrom creates precious jewelry. Her pieces are designed to lift the spirits. Her Scandinavian aesthetic eschews unnecessary details. It instead focuses on design and wearability – at all times of the day and for women of all ages.
A Pia Hallstrom jewel is an investment which sits somewhere between a classic pair of skinny jeans and a Birkin bag. In contrast with high fashion pieces that change according to seasons. These are beautiful jewels, handcrafted in London and designed to be worn years after years, to the gym, to work, or at a glamorous evening out in London, Stockholm or Monaco. A true talismans, her jewels are passed down through generations.

“A beautiful piece of jewelry transcends time and trends. It becomes part of you and it tells your story forever.”
Pia Hallstrom

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