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Born and raised in a multi-cultural environment and living life as a nomad are the main influences of Daniela D’Agostino's style.

Born in Genoa in 1980 in an Italian-Venezuelan family, she lived in almost every continent by the time she was a teenager. She then settled in Florida with her family, where she attended university and met the love of her life. She is now established in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lives with her husband and her two children.
Today, Daniela continues her never-ending journey and searches inspiration for her jewelry designs. She is not only influenced by her travels, but also by her lifelong passions for art, design, architecture, photography, literature, spiritual symbolism and nature. Perhaps the most essential source of inspiration for her, however, is the inner strength and sensuality of a woman – something that is imbued within each of her designs.

Each piece is hand crafted in Lebanon and Italy using beautiful stones gathered from different locations around the world. Behind each of her creations lies a story, a color, a shape, a symbol that is evocative of a particular place or memory. An amulet that travels with you on a special journey through time and space. A colorful universe inspired by vivid tropical colors and simultaneously characterized by timeless Italian elegance. Jewelry that provides women with confidence and a chic sense of style.

Imagine the colorful and warm lava flowing from a volcano in St Lucia. The cobble alleys of Panarea blooming with bougainvillea flowers. The smell of jasmine and lemons in Capri. The intense and radiant colors of Frida Kahlo’s paintings. The surreal stories of Isabel Allende. The picturesque snowy scenery of the Swiss Alps. The ever-watching eye amulet found in the streets of Beirut.

What Daniela’s designs offer is nothing less than an all-encompassing explosion of styles and artistic influences from around the world.

Nomad Jewels are crafted using 18 karat gold, diamonds and a wide variety of gemstones. These are timeless but simultaneously modern pieces tailored for confident, audacious women who are not afraid to take risks and embark on life-changing adventures.