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MØSAÏS was born in Paris with the dedication of making fine jewelry,
streamlined to fit an urban but yet dashing style.
Since 2016, the creator has been creatively combining latest technologies and craftsmanship traditions, in an innovative concept of lyrically rough and unique aesthetic.
Each handcrafted piece is designed using 3D modelling and then subtly shaped by hand for a futuristic look.

Well suited to an emancipated lifestyle, MØSAIS’s wish is to create unisex creations of fashion-forward style.
All jewelry pieces are made to order and in limited supply to guarantee top-of-the-line services for a timeless experience.
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OUR ADVICE Mosaïs Paris

How to wear a men’s ring? Our Advice.

The idea that only women can wear rings is a prejudice that no longer exists! Inspired by ancient costums and reinvented by modern designers, stacking rings encounters, once again, a huge success. But how to wear a man’s ring ?

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