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This collection is made up of personalized Rolex watches only. These new watches are delivered with their original Rolex boxes and documents attesting to their irrefutable provenance. They have been personalized by a unique and avant-garde technology. This technology is exclusive to watches delivered by “Montre noire” to Mad Lords. Until then, it was only offered by a single factory based in Switzerland which only collaborated with the automotive sector for the brakes of formula 1 sport cars or certain cars from of sport elite brands. "Montre noire" has access to it today. This unique technology, named D.L.C, the initials of “Diamonds like carbon”, is far more resistant than the previous and approximate techniques used to blacken watches with PVD. The black color treatment obtained is life guaranteed and the mechanisms are guaranteed for 2 years. Matt black, gray or matt gray colors can also be delivered.


How to wear a women’s bracelets in 2021 ?

Fashion, which is an eternal source of creativity and new ideas, is strongly bound to jewelry. As a fashionista or an independent designer, everybody enjoys following an aesthetic and so, a way to wear jewels. What are the new bracelet trends in 2021?


Men’s bracelets: Mad Lords’ selection

More permanent than a piece of clothing, and outstanding than a haircut, a piece of jewelry can be an audacious choice. Bracelets for men are today encountering a great and deserved success. Made of leather, metals or pearls, they showcase timeless shapes.

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