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Thomas Diener is the founder and creative force behind Miles McNeel design. He has a great love for gemstones, especially rough stones and concrete, which is why he developed his signature and versatile collection that contains an extraordinary assortment of colors.
Diener loves the way stones look in matrix and in geodes. He brainstormed how to put back faceted stones to their original setting. One night as he was walking around a neighborhood in New York City, he turned the corner and the sidewalk started to shimmer. He noticed how this worn-down neighborhood was now transformed into something magical by the mica rock that was mixed into the concrete.
Not only is Diener focused on aesthetic designs, he works on making concrete last. Following suit behind the ancient Romans, who also incorporated different stones and materials into their concrete, Diener’s designs are timeless, hand-made, and eco-friendly.
Taking inspiration from his encounter in New York City and the durability of the long-lasting concrete of the ancient Romans, Diener’s designs bridge the gap between fashion, fine jewelry, and functionality.
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