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Romantic, timeless, and elegant… The designs of Melie are inspired by the intense emotions of epic romances and claim the enchantment of true love. Melie jewelry incorporates exquisite contemporary style with a feminine touch and has unique love stories behind. Based in Istanbul, Melie’s young designer Melike Kapıcıoğlu followed her dreams and worked with the masters of the jewelry at the famous Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. She continued her trainings on jewelry design and gems at GIA in London. Her dream to create elegant and exquisite pieces became a big success with her first collection playful ‘Scent of Love’ perfume bottle pendants and the ‘Memoria Locket’ pendants. Melie’s pieces are on the radar of the popular local and international jewelry bloggers such as The Jewellery Editor a leading online magazine devoted to designer luxury jewelry and top jewelry digital platforms including Lovegold.

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