Marlo Laz

Marlo Laz

Marlo Laz is a fine jewelry brand founded by the designer Jesse Marlo Lazowski in 2014. The Marlo Laz Collection was created for the bon-vivants who have an appreciation for the rare and unexpected. Jesse’s fascination for jewelry began at an early age. She inherited this appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship from her aunt, an antique jewelry dealer. At the age of 13, she was gifted a pink ruby and diamond bow brooch that had belonged to her grandmother, Miriam. She transformed the brooch into a modern necklace, becoming her first step into the world of jewelry design. Jesse credits a trip to India for rediscovering her passion for jewelry design. She extended her trip to spend time in Jaipur to work with a team of craftmen. She designed and overviewed the production of what became her first jewelry collection. After years of traveling and living abroad, she returned to New York City and attended classes at the Gemology Institute of America. Marlo Laz jewels brings us beyond borders and offers precious treasures. Brought to life through vivid gemstone pairings, intricate engravings, and excellent craftsmanship, the pieces are inspired by the world and made, with love, in Manhattan.


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Mini Open Heart NecklaceMini Open Heart Necklace
Medium Southwestern Moon NecklaceMedium Southwestern Moon Necklace
Large Porte Bonheur Charm NecklaceLarge Porte Bonheur Charm Necklace
Mini Open Heart EarringMini Open Heart Earring
Agape HoopAgape Hoop
Marlo LazAgape Hoop
Sale price$1,080
Medium Southwestern Heart NecklaceMedium Southwestern Heart Necklace
Mini Southwestern Heart HoopMini Southwestern Heart Hoop
Micro Guiding Light HoopMicro Guiding Light Hoop
Small Southwestern Heart NecklaceSmall Southwestern Heart Necklace
Starburst Charm Emerald NecklaceStarburst Charm Emerald Necklace
Large Southwestern Heart NecklaceLarge Southwestern Heart Necklace
Southwestern Chain Bracelet Multi TourmalineSouthwestern Chain Bracelet Multi Tourmaline
Pave Spiked Heart Coin NecklacePave Spiked Heart Coin Necklace
Sardinia Bracelet with Clasp Yellow GoldSardinia Bracelet with Clasp Yellow Gold
Blue Sapphire Talisman Coin NecklaceBlue Sapphire Talisman Coin Necklace
Aquamarine Large Porte Bonheur NecklaceAquamarine Large Porte Bonheur Necklace
Alexandrite and Turquoise Yin Yang NecklaceAlexandrite and Turquoise Yin Yang Necklace
Sardinia Chain 2 with Pave Clasp Yellow GoldSardinia Chain 2 with Pave Clasp Yellow Gold
Garnet and Black Diamonds Large Spiral NecklaceGarnet and Black Diamonds Large Spiral Necklace
Porta Fortuna Necklace White DiamondPorta Fortuna Necklace White Diamond
Buena Suerte Necklace TurquoiseBuena Suerte Necklace Turquoise
Porta Fortuna Necklace TanzanitePorta Fortuna Necklace Tanzanite
Porte Bonheur Necklace EmeraldPorte Bonheur Necklace Emerald
Porte Bonheur Necklace TanzanitePorte Bonheur Necklace Tanzanite
Porte Bonheur Necklace Black DiamondPorte Bonheur Necklace Black Diamond
Porta Fortuna Necklace RubyPorta Fortuna Necklace Ruby
Porte Bonheur Necklace Orange SapphirePorte Bonheur Necklace Orange Sapphire
Starburst Earring AquamarineStarburst Earring Aquamarine
Spiked Heart Necklace White DiamondSpiked Heart Necklace White Diamond
En Route Necklace White DiamondEn Route Necklace White Diamond
Porte Bonheur Necklace Pink TourmalinePorte Bonheur Necklace Pink Tourmaline
Porte Bonheur Necklace AquamarinePorte Bonheur Necklace Aquamarine
Eyecon necklaceEyecon necklace
Marlo LazEyecon necklace
Sale price$6,150


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