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Mad Lords is committed to ethical and responsible jewelry in 18k gold.

In early 2020, Mad Lords obtained the international Fairmined label and has since committed to 100% of its purchases from mines affiliated with this label.

Responsible and ethical gold account for a tiny proportion of the world's gold production. It comes from human-sized mines which adopt responsible organizational, social and environmental practices. Mad Lords thus contributes to better working conditions, well-being and environmental protection of mining communities in South America.

Caroline and Serge, co-founders, place this commitment in a global approach aimed at contributing to the protection of the environment and, through donations, to medical research.
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Ten Original Women’s Piercing Ideas

Scarlett Johansson’s or Zoe Kravitz’ looks are appreciated because of their clothes, hairstyle or makeup. But there are so many other ways to enhance your face and body. Piercing is a silent way to express your personality and beauty throughout the body. Mad Lords proposes you 10 original ideas of piercing jewelry.


2021 : How to wear men’s bracelets ?

Today, men’s jewelry is very popular. It no longer defines itself according to women’s taste. Seen on the streets or fashion shows, stunning jewelry pieces are again appreciated by men. 


What are the man’s ring trends?

Creative men’s ring are more and more popular and regain a deserved success. However, men’s wedding ring are not relegated to men’s jewelry wardrobe. 


How to wear a women’s bracelets in 2021 ?

Fashion, which is an eternal source of creativity and new ideas, is strongly bound to jewelry. As a fashionista or an independent designer, everybody enjoys following an aesthetic and so, a way to wear jewels. What are the new bracelet trends in 2021?

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