M Cohen by Maor

M Cohen by Maor

M. Cohen is a brand created by Californian designer Maor Cohen. His uniquely designed jewelry has gained popularity and won the support of many editorial writers, stylists and celebrities around the world. M.Cohen's signature through leather and solid oxidized silver forms a perfect combination of jewelry with a “tough” but chic style.


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Omni 5.5mm Bracelet White DiamondsOmni 5.5mm Bracelet White Diamonds
Aphelion Bracelet Yellow GoldAphelion Bracelet Yellow Gold
Gudo Rectangle Necklace Yellow GoldGudo Rectangle Necklace Yellow Gold
Gudo Round Necklace Yellow GoldGudo Round Necklace Yellow Gold
Monolinka 4mm Bracelet White Diamond Pave LinksMonolinka 4mm Bracelet White Diamond Pave Links
Omni 4mm Bracelet White DiamondsOmni 4mm Bracelet White Diamonds
Neo 3mm Necklace Yellow Gold
India Agate Saguaro Bracelet Rose GoldIndia Agate Saguaro Bracelet Rose Gold
Neo 4mm Bracelet Yellow GoldNeo 4mm Bracelet Yellow Gold
Noix Triple Wrap Bracelet Yellow GoldNoix Triple Wrap Bracelet Yellow Gold
Caelum Bracelet Yellow and White GoldCaelum Bracelet Yellow and White Gold
Matte Lapis Creosote Two Wrap Bracelet Yellow GoldMatte Lapis Creosote Two Wrap Bracelet Yellow Gold
Aquila Bracelet Rose GoldAquila Bracelet Rose Gold
Aquila Bracelet Yellow GoldAquila Bracelet Yellow Gold
Rizon Light Pink Beads Bracelet Yellow GoldRizon Light Pink Beads Bracelet Yellow Gold
Rizon Burgundy Beads Bracelet Yellow GoldRizon Burgundy Beads Bracelet Yellow Gold
Rizon Light Blue Beads Bracelet White GoldRizon Light Blue Beads Bracelet White Gold
Unity Curb 6mm Bangle Silver MediumUnity Curb 6mm Bangle Silver Medium
Jacks BraceletJacks Bracelet
Black Afghan Creosote Bracelet Yellow GoldBlack Afghan Creosote Bracelet Yellow Gold
Noix Single Bracelet Yellow GoldNoix Single Bracelet Yellow Gold
The Large Solstice Round BraceletThe Large Solstice Round Bracelet
Unity Curb Link Bracelet Silver LargeUnity Curb Link Bracelet Silver Large
Templar Jointed Mini Gemstones BraceletTemplar Jointed Mini Gemstones Bracelet
Omni 4mm Necklace SilverOmni 4mm Necklace Silver
Pina Linka Necklace Mixed PearlsPina Linka Necklace Mixed Pearls
Neo 7mm Bracelet SilverNeo 7mm Bracelet Silver
Perihelion Bracelet SilverPerihelion Bracelet Silver
Silver Nuggets BraceletSilver Nuggets Bracelet
Gudo Oval Necklace Silver White Diamond DetailGudo Oval Necklace Silver White Diamond Detail
Gudo Rectangle Necklace White Diamond DetailGudo Rectangle Necklace White Diamond Detail
Solstice Bracelet Silver
Perlotae NecklacePerlotae Necklace
The Mini Washer Bracelet SilverThe Mini Washer Bracelet Silver
Pnina Necklace White PearlsPnina Necklace White Pearls
Pninio NecklacePninio Necklace
Omni 6mm Bracelet SilverOmni 6mm Bracelet Silver
Zag Bracelet Silver
Cuadrangular Bracelet SilverCuadrangular Bracelet Silver
Perlina NecklacePerlina Necklace
Square Disc Bead Bracelet CitrineSquare Disc Bead Bracelet Citrine
Square Disc Bead Bracelet MixSquare Disc Bead Bracelet Mix
Consi Bracelet White Pearls MediumConsi Bracelet White Pearls Medium
Consi Bracelet White Pearls LargeConsi Bracelet White Pearls Large
Tucson Necklace Chrysoprase GemstoneTucson Necklace Chrysoprase Gemstone
Tucson Necklace Amazonite GemstoneTucson Necklace Amazonite Gemstone
Tucson Necklace Red Aventurine GemstoneTucson Necklace Red Aventurine Gemstone
Tucson Necklace Blue Aventurine GemstoneTucson Necklace Blue Aventurine Gemstone
Tucson Necklace India Agate GemstoneTucson Necklace India Agate Gemstone
Bracelet Razze Square Disc Eye Of TigerBracelet Razze Square Disc Eye Of Tiger


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