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“Make Art Your Life..." The combination of a whole, of a harmony that will accentuate every day of my actions, every one of my thoughts... A lifestyle. « What interests me is not to consume only the art that surrounds me, but it is with kindness that I want to create in the image of a crossroads, associations between the people who surround me close or far. I also notice the strength that an external element can bring. Here, its added value illuminates certain points and then provokes a new possibility, an untapped universe, a formula with which I want to play, to create, to share. No matter what vectors we hear about, this is the basis that characterizes me and represents Make Art Your Life. My need is not the result but all the routing to get there. It was during a trip to Senegal, touched by the strength and energy of Diouck, a Senegalese artisan passionate about his art, the goldsmithing, which he mastered with humility, that I would be seduced. But it is also, surrounded by my loved ones with very distinct artistic influences, that Make Art Your Life will enrich itself and build itself. And finally with confidence, that I bushwhack a first sketch to the talented Supakitch, so that he design this diamond, which is today, our logo ». Stephen Sekola.