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Katerina Andriagiannaki and her team transform, in their own laboratory, their long experience in the art of jewelry into passion!

Looks are captured by the Rough and Roll collection by K And.

Motion, perspective, inspiration, simplicity, vivid artistic sensibility, silver 925, 18 carat gold, precious and semi-precious stones compose the character of handmade jewelry K And.

Original pendants and rings with recognizable personal identity, become must – have pieces gaining impressions.

The most special feature of the Rough and Roll collection is the movement.

Declaring their unique presence in the Greek handmade jewelry, the brand K And with this innovative collection applies to modern women and men who know how to bring out their personal aesthetic through unique styling options.

A collection that has a brand name, character and harmoniously combines the modern with the classic style.

Do you dare to rough and Roll?

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