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The Hoorsenbuhs brand, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2005. The former photographer Robert Keith, who became a jeweler, and his partner Kether Parker created a tri-linked motif as a symbol of strength, quality and continuous opulence. This motif became the signature design of the brand. Perfect craftsmanship, timeless and modern design define their instantly recognizable jewelry, worn by women and men. The company is worldwide renowned and gets high demands as a purveyor of fine jewelry. Many influential and iconic influencers in the fashion, music and entertainment industries have purchased Hoorsenbuhs pieces.
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2021 : How to wear men’s bracelets ?

Today, men’s jewelry is very popular. It no longer defines itself according to women’s taste. Seen on the streets or fashion shows, stunning jewelry pieces are again appreciated by men. 


What are the man’s ring trends?

Creative men’s ring are more and more popular and regain a deserved success. However, men’s wedding ring are not relegated to men’s jewelry wardrobe. 


How to wear several men’s rings?

According to traditions, there many different significations when it comes to rings. Discreet body language or reflect of a look of a man’s allure, men’s jewelry is more than an accessory. 


How to wear a women’s bracelets in 2021 ?

Fashion, which is an eternal source of creativity and new ideas, is strongly bound to jewelry. As a fashionista or an independent designer, everybody enjoys following an aesthetic and so, a way to wear jewels. What are the new bracelet trends in 2021?

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