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The Gunda brand was established in 1998. First, seasonal collections were launched in 1999, consisting mainly of costume jewelry, belts and bags made from vintage-inspired leathers and combined with metal/stone ornaments. The first collection showed a genuine originality with new, unique techniques, while maintaining a traditional method of leather work. All the pieces can not be mass-produced and are all handmade. The combination of meticulous work on a sharp design,  guarantees a sustainable quality. Each piece gets more and more comfortable as they are worn. These two factors demonstrate an authentic artisanal cachet and create the singularity of the brand. Subsequently, the range of the collection was expanded with inspirations from around the world, and non-seasonal collections were produced. The "One of a Kind" is a collection in which exclusive art jewelry pieces are sold in a limited number of shops around the world, mixing different materials, old jewelry pieces and beads from different countries.