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The Gunda brand was established in 1998. Seasonal collections were launched from 1999, consisting mainly of costume jewelry, belts and bags made from vintage-inspired leathers and combined with metal/stone ornaments. The first collections show a genuine originality from new, unique techniques, while maintaining a traditional method of leather work at the base. These parts, of course impossible to produce in bulk, can only be realized by hand and have quickly gained a reputation for their peculiarity. Coming from a meticulous work on a sharp design, these pieces are also of a durable quality, more and more comfortable as they are worn: these two factors demonstrate an authentic artisanal cachet and create their singularity. Subsequently, the range of the collection was expanded with inspiration from around the world, and non-seasonal collections are produced in a random manner, such as the line "One of a Kind" in which exclusive art jewelry pieces and unique in the world entirely handmade are introduced to a limited number of shops. Mixing different materials, old jewelry pieces and beads from different countries/ethnic groups with a unique method, these "stateless" products are incomparable, and Gunda continues to develop its vision of the world, a vision that goes well beyond the borders.