Good Art HLYWD

Good Art HLYWD

"I started GOOD ART in 1990 in Los Angeles, California after thinking I could do a better job at making the stuff I wanted. My first pieces were for holes in my body and my first showroom was me sitting shirtless at a card table on Venice Beach. My first big sale was $550 to NaNa on the 3rd Street Promenade (look 'em up if you don’t know). I was young and brought up on those good old American virtues of honesty, integrity and hard days of work… so I took that first check to my boss and gave notice. Making art was always going to be better than making lunch. Since then my purpose has been to put aesthetics into the world, make things better, cooler, funner (yep, not a word but it works here). To create good effects via the best of handcrafted luxury goods, fit for everyday use; That was something I could get behind for a lifetime. I’ve discarded the pretense of fancy things in exchange for the free-spirited functionality of tough & clever ones. For more than 25 years my drive in this direction has remained steadfast". Josh Warner

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